U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in the Garden state have arrested 107 illegal immigrants with prior criminal records.

John Tsoukaris, the Newark ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations Field Office Director, says "some of them have already gone through immigration proceedings - to see if they'll be removed or not - and some of these people were ordered removed already."

He says their criminal convictions "range from driving under the influence to assault to sex offenses to kidnapping…we had in New Jersey 14 individuals that were convicted sex offenders, and 82 of them were convicted of felony crimes."

Tsoukaris adds" statistics show that a lot of criminals re-offend…so it's always good to have these people off the streets and out of communities…the people targeted were either fugitives that were ordered out, or people that were never put in proceedings before - or people that were deported and illegally re-entered."

He says "we have 16 arrested in Hudson County, 21 in Essex County, 13 in Middlesex, 6 in Atlantic County…our priority for ICE is basically public safety threats - such as criminals - our second priority is recent boarder entrants - the 3rd priority is fugitive aliens or aliens who have been ordered deported already, and the 4th priority is aliens that were kicked out of the country that snuck back in."