High temperatures yesterday reached no better than 22 at Trenton and Newark, 20 in Atlantic City and Wrightstown, Burlington County.  That's where the deeper snow cover was.

My low to, maybe, mid 20s didn't quite work out.  The low 20s, yes, the mid 20s, no.

Temperatures starting out this morning are in the bitterly low single digit, except some teens along the far south coast.

Guidance today wants to have high temperatures no better than the upper 20s to possibly the low 30s.  I think the low 30s is pushing the envelope.  I think mid to upper 20s will be the way to go today, with lots of sunshine and just enough wind to notice, but probably not much.

There will be some clouds around tonight, not nearly as cold, in the teens and 20s.

Friday will feature a mix of passing clouds and some sunshine.  Guidance wants to have high temperatures in upper 30s and low 40s.  I think that is probably legitimate.

Saturday looks okay, although milder, maybe well into the 40s for highs during the afternoon.

Sunday morning may start out with a passing shower for midday, but I still think the Super Bowl weather looks okay, as of now.

It will be on the mild side, certainly in the 40s, perhaps 50 at its highest. But, of course, chillier for game time.