There will be no Facebook from the Philly firefighters if the city has their way, and they do right now. The same goes for Twitter and any other social media websites.

The Union says they’re messing with the fire fighters freedom of speech and that these guidelines should have been bargained. They plan to file a grievance early next week.

As the son of a retired Union City firefighter with 2 uncles who are also retired from the job and many of those I grew up with on the job including one of my best friends whom I spoke with about this, Firefighters are a brotherhood with a bond that is stronger than any city issued memo and they are perfectly capable of policing themselves.

These are grown men, responsible enough to risk their lives for our safety and should not be told what they can or cannot post. They should not have their freedom of speech threatened in any way. What are they afraid of?  Whatever is going on is going to get out anyway.

Long before there was Facebook, there was the grapevine. If someone posts something inappropriate, their brothers will let them know about it and they will take care of it.

I would hope nothing like this ever comes to New Jersey.