How often have we heard the complaint that cops shouldn’t be on cellphones while driving – especially if the driving public isn’t allowed.
Too many times.

So it would stand to reason that texting while driving – or in the case of an Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department deputy – typing on his in-board computer while driving – should amount to charges being filed.

This would especially be true in the case of one deputy who hit a cyclist from behind while typing on his computer – causing the cyclist to hit the windshield of the police cruiser, killing him.

Negligence on the part of the police officer – or an unfortunate accident while the cop was acting in the performance of his duties?

It’s strange to me as to how there’s this dichotomy in the law that allows for a police officer to drive while distracted – in this case, typing on a Mobile Computer – while were it you and I to do the same with the same result, we could be charged with criminally negligent homicide – or whatever the charge may be.

Would it not have been more prudent to answer his superiors at a more opportune time – like, say, when stopped?