“Keeping our residents and communities safe is the paramount role of government,” says Governor Chris Christie. “Revising our bail procedures and allowing judges to consider certain factors, such as the dangerousness of the offender to the community before being released back into society, is just a simple common sense reform that is long overdue in this state.”

Today, Christie proposed a constitutional amendment modifying the right to bail in New Jersey. The move, which parallels the federal system, aims to provide courts with the ability to keep dangerous offenders in jail and off the streets until trial, enhancing the integrity and effectiveness of the criminal justice system in New Jersey and preventing additional, senseless acts of violence before they occur.

The revised amendment would establish an exception authorizing pretrial detention when a court finds that no amount of bail, pretrial release conditions or combination of bail and conditions would assure the defendant’s appearance, protect the safety of any person and of the community, or maintain the integrity of the criminal justice process.