New Jersey’s red-light camera pilot program is set to expire December 16, 2014 but, according to Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon’s research, many of the municipal contracts for the cameras extend beyond that date.

Flickr User Neal Jennings

“Through the Open Public Records Act my office has obtained the red-light camera contracts for all of the participating municipalities,” explains O’Scanlon. “I was very disappointed to see that 11 of the 24 contracts extend beyond the close of the pilot program.”

The law signed on January 13, 2008, required the New Jersey Department of Transportation to establish a five year pilot program to determine the effectiveness of the installation and utilization of traffic control signal monitoring systems in New Jersey. The pilot program officially began December 16, 2009.

O’Scanlon says, “I will be sending a memo to all towns participating in the pilot program. There is no wiggle room in the length of this program which has been fraught with issues from the start and the bane of motorists across New Jersey. Ticketing will stop on December 16, 2014.”