A woman police say was under the influence as she left a Wayne bar, called 911 and allegedly reported a false incident at another bar, then taunted police on social media about it.

Wayne Police said in a statement that Hayley Oates, 25, of Lake Hiawatha reported a "female being attacked in the parking lot" of Mothers Ale House. Police responded to the parking lot but found nothing. Officers were told that Oates and an unidentified male were intoxicated and called in a false incident report so they could drive home from the Grasshopper bar.

Oates made it home, police said, and posted a message on social media saying “lmao.. 2 mins later the cop peals out..silly piggies tricks r for u.”

Following an investigation, police charged Oates with filing a false police report and creating false public alarm.

Wayne Police Captain Lawrence W. Martin said his department takes false reports "extremely seriously" and is haunted by a 1993 incident in which a Paramus officer was killed en route to a false shooting at the Garden State Plaza.

"Falsely creating a situation that requires officers to execute emergency response, indicating that an event exits that’s a threat to life or property is inexcusable and reprehensible behavior," Martin said.