A New Jersey shoplifter plans to fight a municipal judge's harsh ruling, which bans her from entering any Walmart across the country for the rest of her life.

Walmart entrance (Justin Sullivan, Getty Images)

Johanna Cassimore, 63, pleaded guilty to a December incident when she attempted to steal $78 worth of vitamins from the Walmart location in Mount Olive.

Judge Brian Levine sentenced the Hopatcong native to 10 hours of community service, ordered her to pay $258 in fines, and barred her from all Walmart stores nationwide, according to the Mount Olive Chronicle.

"It was stupid. I disagree and I'm appealing it," Cassimore told the Daily News on Sunday. "The judge can't say that. He doesn't own Walmart."

The entire issue has raised legal questions about whether a municipal judge has the authority to make such a broad ruling, and if the punishment is enforceable.

In fact, Cassimore said she has already defied the judge's ban.

"No one knows me at any other Walmarts," she said. "I won't shop at the one (where she was arrested) anymore. I'm not stupid."

Security detained Cassimore for the December shoplifting after they say she was attempting to conceal merchandise.

This is not her first run-in with the law before. Cassimore was indicted in 2012 for stealing her daughter's identity, according to NJ.com.

She told the Daily News that she has no plans to stop frequenting Walmart stores.

"I go to Walmart all the time," she said. "It's a good place."