A new report released today by State Comptroller Matt Boxer finds a pattern of waste of taxpayer dollars at five Adult Medical Day Care (AMDC) facilities. The audit also raises questions about whether patients at those facilities are receiving proper care.

The investigation reveals the AMDC centers billed the state-funded Medicaid program for a range of services they could not substantiate and, in many cases, for people who were not even in attendance at the facility on the dates in question.

The review also finds the state paid for services to people who did not appear to be medically or clinically eligible to receive AMDC care. The probe also uncovered a failure to perform or document essential clinical and medical tasks, such as monitoring blood sugar and blood pressure for patients who attended the facility for the purpose of receiving such services.

“Adult Medical Day Care programs provide an important and necessary service, allowing individuals with specialized medical needs to remain active in the community rather than enter more intensive and expensive in-patient facilities,” explains State Comptroller Matt Boxer. “It is apparent, however, that greater monitoring of AMDC facilities is needed.”

There are currently 134 AMDC facilities in New Jersey providing services to approximately 14,000 state residents. Boxer’s office selected the five facilities for its investigation based in part on referrals from the state Department of Health’s inspection program and from the state Department of Human Services, as well as based on tips independently received.