Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have been absolutely grilling one of Governor Chris Christie’s two nominees for the State Supreme Court. Since 11 a.m. this morning Phil Kwon has been relentlessly asked about a New York liquor store owned by his mother and wife that made cash deposits just under the amount that would trigger a federal reporting requirement. The family forfeited $160,000 to settle the suit. No criminal charges were ever brought.

Democrats claim that should Christie's two nominees be seated, the Court would be unbalanced with 4 Republicans, 2 Democrats and 1 independent. The Independent, Jaynee LaVecchia was a member of the Whitman Administration.

Committee chairman Nick Scutari asked Kwon, “How can we possibly accept you on the court as an unaffiliated, independent party member when the only party you’re ever been affiliated with is the Republican Party?”

“Mr. Chairman I believe that I am an independent, unaffiliated person,” responded Kwon. “I’m an unaffiliated, independent person. Not a part of any political party, Republican or Democrat.”

It’s unclear if Kwon has the votes to be approved by the committee and it’s unclear if the panel will even get to the other nominee, Bruce Harris today.