If your kids are like most others their age, it's likely that they're constantly staring at their computers, smart phones, I-pads and tablets. Advertisers know this and they're aggressively marketing their products to that age group. A New Jersey lawmaker has introduced legislation that is designed to prevent website operators from allowing ads for products that are clearly dangerous for children.

(Grzegorz Oleksa, ThinkStock)

"My bill would prohibit the advertising of products to minors on websites that we know are harmful to them such as cigarettes, guns, alcohol, drug paraphernalia, tattooing, all of those things that kids are most vulnerable to," said NJ Sen. Shirley Turner (D-Trenton).

Under the bill, website operators would be in compliance if they take reasonable actions in good faith designed to avoid marketing or advertising the prohibited products or services to a minor. The legislation also requires the operator to allow a minor to request and obtain removal of ads within seven days.

"I'm not sure exactly how this can be enforced, but there are ways and this is a way to start the discussion and to try to build momentum so that we can take proactive measures to protect our children," Turner explained.

A very similar law was recently passed in California. It takes effect Jan. 1, 2015. There is also federal legislation, but it has not gotten much consideration yet, Turner said.