New Jersey GOP State Senator Dawn Marie Addiego today introduced a Senate Resolution condemning Congressman Todd Akin for his indefensible comments about rape, and calling for him to withdraw as a candidate for the U.S. Senate in Missouri.

It made international news recently when, in an interview with the National Review Online, Akin rationalized that “legitimate rape” was unlikely to result in a pregnancy. He said: “If it’s legitimate rape, the female body has ways to shut that whole thing down.”

“As a woman and the mother of a daughter, I am deeply offended by the insensitivity and lack of understanding demonstrated in Mr. Akin’s indefensible remarks,” explains Addiego. “He has demonstrated a level of ignorance that makes him unsuitable to represent America’s women in the Senate.”

Addiego’s 8th Legislative District mates, Assemblyman Scott Rudder and Assemblyman Chris Brown plan to introduce an identical resolution when the Assembly convenes on September 24.

Addiego says, “Not only is what he said outrageous and reprehensible, it is biologically inaccurate. This kind of thinking is damaging to all women, but it is especially offensive to rape survivors and the victims of sexual violence or assault…..We must hold our representatives in Washington to the highest standard, and sadly, Todd Akin’s thought process disqualifies him. He needs to step aside for a more suitable candidate.”