Its been two years since legislation was signed that legalized the sale of medical marijuana in New Jersey and not one dispensary has opened and no pot has been prescribed to anyone.

Earlier this month Republican Assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon introduced a bill that would allow marijuana growers to operate on publicly preserved farmland without county our municipal interference. O'Scanlon said it was Designed to prevent local zoning and planning boards from rejecting pot farms and dispensaries based on residents complaints. Democratic Assemblyman Reed Gusciora signed on as a co-sponsor.

Now, a state Senator is joining the fight and will introduce a bill in the Upper House on Monday.

Democratic Senator Nick Scutari, co-sponsor of the original bill to legalize medical marijuana, says the goal is to get the drug into the hands of New Jersey residents that need it most.

"Its really about sick people who are suffering who thought they were going to have medical marijuana available to them...people suffering from cancer and going through chemotherapy, people with multiple sclerosis."

Scutarti says the state needs leadership from Governor Christie.

"We are seeing a foot-dragging exhibition here and we are going on our third year of legalized medical marijuana and none of it has its very concerning. I'm hopeful the administration will take a more active role in helping to get this off the ground."

Governor Christie has said he won't force towns to allow medical marijuana facilities if they don't want them.

None of the six nonprofits designated to grow and sell the drug have received all the approvals neeeded to move forward.