New Jersey's "Brain Drain" has been going on for years, with many of the state's best and brightest high school students attending college out-of-state because local schools don't have enough room for them.  Now there's a new push to change the trend.

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During a construction ceremony at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Gov. Chris Christie announced a combined $1.3 billion is being funneled to higher education in the state to help improve and expand colleges and universities across the state.

"The biggest problem has been a lack of seats at New Jersey's best institutions, and the only way to solve that is capital investment," said Christie. "We need to expand the classroom space ,both the amount of it and the quality of it, and that's what we're doing with the investment we're making in our colleges and universities."

Christie said the expansion project "applies to everyone, not just the person pursuing the 4 year degree - but also the folks who go t our community colleges - we made it clear that we wanted this money not only to apply to our research universities, or our 4 year colleges and universities but also to our Community colleges as well. It's a broad investment in increasing opportunity for everybody in New Jersey and I think it's the best thing we could have done, we should have done it years ago."