For four days in November, New Jersey authorities will run a Fugitive Safe Surrender program, giving individuals wanted for non-violent offenses who turn themselves in,  favorable treatment from the courts, and the possibility to avoid jail time.

Stacy Proebstle, Townsquare Media

The program will be run at the Evangelismos Greek Orthodox Church in Jersey City from Nov. 6 through 9.

"Thousands of people are going to be able to resolve their issues with the justice system and wipe the slate clean, that is the first step toward a new kind of life," said acting State Attorney General John Hoffman.

He stresses Fugitive Safe Surrender doesn't offer amnesty, but it does stress leniency.

"Through the program," he said, "one hopefully trades a preoccupation of dodging the police for the pursuit of a life filled with purpose, potential, hope and possibility."

Hoffman said after turning yourself in, you will be escorted to a temporary courtroom set up across the street in the Jersey City armory, where you will work with a judge, a prosecutor, and a public defender, and "based on past success we expect as many as, and perhaps even more than 4 thousand people to show up in Jersey City to avail themselves of this program."

"If you face possible jail time for a non-violent offense, then as long as you have no prior history of violence, you can expect to be placed on probation. In short this is one stop shopping for a new life," said Hoffman.