This coming Tuesday in Washington, D.C., the House is expected to vote on a $51 billion Sandy relief package. Lawmakers have already approved a $9 billion flood insurance provision. Perhaps hoping to sway a colleague, Congressman Jon Runyan (R-NJ) toured Seaside Heights with Congressman Steven Palazzo (R-MS) yesterday.

“I am pleased that Congressman Palazzo has decided to come to New Jersey and witness, firsthand, the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy,” says Runyan. “It is important for Members of Congress to understand the severity of the devastation caused by the storm and how much work there is to be done for a full recovery.”

Palazzo asked Runyan for the tour of the affected areas in Runyan’s district in order to understand super-storm Sandy’s impact on New Jersey and New York.

Runyon says, “I would welcome any of my colleagues to come to New Jersey before the scheduled vote on January 15th, so they can truly understand how vital these funds are to the recovery and the residents of New Jersey.”