New Jersey is missing out, but maybe not for long. Right now, consumers in over 40 states are able to use points on their shopper loyalty cards to purchase discounted gasoline.

The state Senate has approved a measure that is currently banned in the state.

Rack up points at your local supermarket on food purchases and use those rewards to fill up your gas tanks.

The legislation would allow supermarket customers to redeem rewards earned on their shopper cards at their local gas station for discounted gasoline.

Senator Bob Gorden, one of the bill's sponsors, says with rising food and fuel prices, its important to give consumers every discount possible.

"For every $50 of groceries that you buy, you could get let's say a 5 cent per gallon discount on your next purchase of gasoline."

Gordon says the bill is a triple win. "The supermarkets win, the consumers win, and the gas stations win."

Sal Risalvato, executive director of the New Jersey Gasoline, C-Store, Automotive Association, says, "Retailers that enjoy more robust profit margins will now be able compete for customers by offering rewards to be redeemed at local gas stations. Instead of offering a free turkey or ham with a certain amount of grocery purchases, supermarkets can now make an arrangement with ANY local gas station to have rewards redeemed at their gas pumps."

"New Jersey consumers are definitely losing out on promotional programs that are enjoyed by their family and friends in other states," said Linda Doherty, The New Jersey Food Council President. "For example, the Fuelperks program run by a group of food retailers has over 10 million participating members who have saved over $151 million on their fuel purchases. We hope New Jerseyans will be able to enroll in some similar programs in the near future."

The bill now heads to the Governor's desk for his signature.