YouTube video by PostModern Jukebox

This is how New Jersey honors a legend.

Postmodern Jukebox — the musical collective lead by Scott Bradlee of Hunterdon County — took on David Bowie's "Heroes" in its latest video release this week.

A portion of the proceeds from sales of the single go to The Cancer Research Institute — Bowie died of cancer when few knew he was fighting the disease.

The rendition is a Jersey song twice over — not only was it conceived and lead by Bradlee, but it's sung by Neptune City native Nicole Atkins.

"I received a number of requests to do a Postmodern Jukebox cover by the late David Bowie in these last few weeks, and to be honest, I wasn’t sure how best to honor his incredible legacy," Bradlee wrote on the Postmodern Jukebox blog. "As fate would have it, a received a phone call from my friend Nicole Atkins, who happened to be traveling to Los Angeles."

Bradlee continued:

"Nicole has the kind of voice that expresses pure emotion in every note, and I knew instantly that I had found the voice for this tribute. As we discussed song choices, we talked about Bowie’s fight with cancer, and how cancer has affected the lives of so many around us."

Bradlee wrote the performance of "Heroes" is dedicated not only to Bowie, but "to all the heroes out there – whether family, friend, or stranger – that have battled cancer."

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