Its a common misconception that the shots you get as a kid will protect you for life. Government research shows nearly 40,000 adults die each year from vaccine preventable diseases.

Whooping cough, shingles, influenza. Do you know what vaccines to get as an adult?

"Vaccine preventable diseases have no age limits, so if you're over age-18 you need to talk to your health care provider to find out what the appropriate immunizations are for you" said Dr. Tina Tan, New Jersey epidemiologist.

Tan says there has been a rise in whooping cough or pertussis nationwide and here in New Jersey.

"We have seen reported cases of whooping cough and that could be because adults aren't getting the proper vaccines."

She said there's a lot of vaccines for treatable diseases like shingles, measles and meningitis that you adults can look into getting vaccinated for.

"Its also a good idea for New Jersey residents to think about this before they travel abroad. The best way to protect yourself is really to roll up your sleeve and get the shot" said Tan.