New Jersey's written driver's exam could soon see some changes.  

Dan Alexander, Townsquare Media NJ

On Thursday, the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee approved a measure to require the Motor Vehicle Commission to expand the written test to include a question asking whether the applicant is aware of the dangers of failing to follow the state's traffic laws.

The measure, called "Nikhil's Law," is named after Nikhil Badlani, an 11-year-old West Orange resident that was killed in a traffic accident.

"The student was killed by a guy who did not stop at a stop sign and took a life," said bill co-sponsor Assemblyman Charles Mainor (D-Jersey City). "We lost another one of our children because of a senseless person not stopping."

Under the measure, all new drivers would also have the option to take the STOP for Nikhil Safety Pledge. Drivers would also have the option to take the pledge by filling out a form at a motor vehicle office or on a website.

"This is a simple step we can take to emphasize to our young people that driving comes with responsibility," said bill co-sponsor Assemblyman John McKeon (D-Madison) in an emailed press release Thursday. "The more we can emphasize that point, hopefully the more our young drivers will put safety first."

The measure would also require the MVC to include in the driver's manual information explaining the dangers of failing to follow the state's motor vehicle traffic laws.

"The more emphasis we put on safety, the better - and there is absolutely, positively no downside to this bill at all," Mainor said.