A new survey finds despite a number of on-going problems in the Garden State, Governor Christie continues to be popular among Jersey voters.

Krista Jenkins, the Executive Director of the FDU PublicMind poll, says a new poll finds 55 percent of registered voters in Jersey approve of the job Governor Christie is doing.

"A number we find has remained virtually unchanged since the beginning of the year…We also find that 49 percent believe he's doing an excellent or good job and the same number think the state is moving in the right direction - so all good news for Governor Christie."

At the same time, she points out, "There is a significant gender gap -we found that 61 percent of men approve of Governor Christie compared with 49 percent among women…But it's good news for Governor Christie- it comes during a time when contentious budget battles over taxes could have taken a toll on the public's evaluation of him - the fact that the Governor's appeal remains sound suggests the that bloom remains on this New Jersey rose, even if women are more likely to see the thorns than the beauty."

Jenkins adds the Governor's town hall meetings have become a trademark of his administration, his attempt to communicate with voters has led him on the road up and down the state.

"What we find is that 58 percent say that they have seen Governor Christie's town hall meetings on YouTube or a news program, and more than half of those who are aware or seen these believe they're actually an effective for the Governor to communicate directly with people like themselves…Sizable numbers of Democrats, Independents and Republicans believe that these town halls are an effective communications strategy."

As for whether the public believes the Governor is motivated by a desire for national office or to make things better for New Jerseyans, opinion is divided.

Although most registered voters who have an opinion believe Governor Christie is more interested in governing well - 47 percent - not too many fewer - 41 percent - believe his interest lies in making a name for himself in order to achieve national office. Democrats and those from public employee households are the most dubious about the governor's motivations (61 and 56 percent respectively), while Republicans are less suspicious (17 percent ).

She also says if Christie goes to Washington as the GOP VP candidate, Lut. Governor Kim Guadagno would seem the likely Republican to run for Governor.

"When we asked if they had ever heard of the Lut. Governor, three quarters actually said they had never heard her name."