During last nights "Ask The Governor" program, Governor Christie announced he had received a text message from Jersey DOT Commissioner Jim Simpson indicting that all of the red light cameras in Jersey  municipalities that are part of the Department of Transportation's Pilot program have been re-certified.

This means starting today, towns will be officially notified the cameras have been found to meet both the federal and pilot program standards for the yellow light timing, and that means the municipalities will start sending out red light tickets that had been recorded by the cameras but put on hold during the re-certification process.

Governor Christie says the best advice he can offer is pretty simple.

"Don't run red lights. If you don't go through red lights you have nothing to worry about with the red light camera. If you stop when it's red, you've got no problem."

He says if you do go through a red light you'll actually face two problems.

"The for-sure is you're going to get a ticket- the potential is you could kill yourself or somebody else...So how about we get back to the basics on this? Don't go through red lights!"

Christie adds the controversy over red light cameras has been blown out of proportion, because "if you go through a red light you've broken the law - what are you complaining about? You should be able to go through a red light when there's not a cop there? And that's a freebee?...Towns should have the right to make these decisions as long as their red light camera program comports with the requirements of the statute...My advice to everybody in New Jersey is drive more carefully and don't go through red lights."

When asked if he thinks there's a monetary component to the red light camera program?

Christie said, "Of course there's a monetary component to it, but there's a safety component to it also...People shouldn't be going through red lights. I don't understand this controversy."