Stink bugs are back, and they’re looking for a winter home. Probably yours.

You’ve seen them. They look like little walking army helmets. But try and get near them and they emit that smell that rivals anything you smell as you pass Exit 13 on the Turnpike.

So how to get rid of them.

Very carefully, according to this:

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug may not bite, but when threatened, it emits an offensive odor that lingers on hands and clothing.

Toss them outside and they can easily find their way back — researchers say that the stink bug emits a different pheromone when it finds a way inside a winter shelter, and leaves a scent trail to help other stink bugs do the same.

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug attacks a wide variety of crops before turning to a second nuisance phase — overwintering in homes.

Traps, some more effective than others, have proliferated. One that draws praise is a simple, cardboard-and-wood slat invention first shared by Delaware Township resident Jody Williams three years ago.

Or you can just try and gather them up with a paper cup like friends of mine down the block have.

Where to put them next is the question.

Suggestions are always welcome.

Flickr User Dendroica cerulea