The Garden State gets belted with the 4th heat wave of the summer today, as temperatures are expected to rise up near 100 degrees by this afternoon and tomorrow.

Many Jersey residents can think of nothing but trying to stay cool.

One shopper on Route 1 in Mercer County said, "I'm definitely not ready for that. I plan on staying in air conditioning and doing housework - how exciting is that? You know it is what it is - I'd rather pay the bill and be comfortable than be sitting there sweating."

Another shopper chimed in, "There's nothing we can do about it we have to accept it…accept it and just pray for cooler weather."

One woman standing nearby said, "It's always a concern but when you get as hot as I do, I don't worry about that cost, I just try to keep it at a reasonable temperature."

A nearby shopper chimed in, "You don't have to run the whole air conditioner - just one room…That's the secret, yeah…As long as I have the air conditioner at night when I'm sleeping, that's the only time I really need it."

Certainly the cost of running the AC 24-7 is not appealing, but as one shopper pointed out, "Unfortunately I don't think I have much choice, because - 90 plus, a hundred with the heat index- air conditioning is the way to go."

Other shoppers agreed.

"Yeah, the electric bill is high," said one man, "It's a concern, but you have to budget for it - it's a necessity."

A six year old girl standing nearby didn't seem to mind the heat.

"I'm just gonna swim around in the pool and be happy," she said, "I'll wear thin cloths… khaki shorts and a nice, nice sun-hat!"