There is a new drug parents and law enforcement is being warned about, which has the look of heroin, but with five times the potency.

Ambulance (Flickr Photo: Five Furlongs)

Acetyl Fentanyl has already been responsible for 14 confirmed deaths in Rhode Island, and is believed to be in connection with numerous other deaths across the nation.

The opioid is produced synthetically and has no legal uses in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control warns while having similar look, packaging, and effects similar to heroin, it has five times the strength which can be dangerous for unknowing users. On the street, acetyl fentanyl can be referred to by one of its many street names, including China White, Apache, Goodfella, Jackpot, TNT, Murder 8, and Tango & Cash.

Fentanyl is a prescription narcotic used to relieve severe or chronic pain, commonly used for cancer patients or as a last-resort pain medication. It's available as a skin patch, lozenge, pill, shot, a film that dissolves in the mouth, or intravenously.

While treatments are available for acetyl fentanyl overdose, and mirror those for heroin abuse, the drug's potency makes it much deadlier.

Heroin has been a major problem throughout the Garden State, especially in southern Ocean County, where arrests for possession of the opioid have become much more regular.