Nearly all of Amtrak's Acela Express service will run on Tuesday between New York and Boston.

Crowds on the platform of Metro North's Stamford, Connecticut station (Twitter)

Amtrak says 8 of 10 round trips will be available starting Tuesday. The 2170, 2151, 2150 and 2173 are cancelled.

Amtrak will also add some electric engines on the Northeast Regional on Tuesday but will still use diesel engines for some trips.

Commuter rail service between New Haven and New York City will likely be fully restored a week earlier than expected, Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said Monday.

Following a conference call with Metro-North Railroad and Metropolitan Transit Authority officials, Malloy said the electric feeder cable problem that's disrupted the heavily used rail line is expected to be fixed by Oct. 7. After testing, service is expected to resume Oct. 7 or Oct. 8, earlier than the initial Oct. 14 prediction.

Electric utility Consolidated Edison on Monday confirmed the expected Oct. 7 restoration date.

Meanwhile, temporary transformers were being added and one more train could be added soon, possibly on Tuesday, Malloy said.

"We're getting back to some level of normalcy," said the governor, who thanked commuters for their patience. Rail service was disrupted Wednesday when a circuit failed in Mount Vernon, N.Y.

Also on Monday, Con Edison said the power failure last week may have been related to a routine safety procedure used during upgrade work for Metro-North. The utility said the insulating oil for the backup line may have been accidentally frozen by workers freezing the line taken out of service for the upgrade.

The Associated Press contributed to this report