It wasn’t easy trying to find the Best Slice in Jersey.

So many opinions, so many places to go to, so many different combinations on each slice to sample.

I know, life’s a bitch sometimes, right?

Anyway, today, in honor of National Cheeseburger Day, I thought it would be fun to try and get a random sample from members of the “Rossi Posse”…culinary experts that you are…to find Jersey’s Best Burger.

Ten Smashburger restaurants in Northern Jersey are offering free Smashburgers to anyone with the surname Burger today Sept. 18.

“We thought we would give back to those who help promote burgers each and every day – people named burger,” said Scott Gillman, CEO of Mascott Corporation. “We hope that “burgers” and non-burgers alike will visit our Smashburger locations across New Jersey on September 18th to celebrate this delicious holiday.”

Their largess notwithstanding, the state is replete with burger joints far and wide…and while you have millions of Jerseyans; you also have that many opinions on where to find the best one.

Here’s a partial list, according to this:

Stage Left Restaurant in New Brunswick

Krug’s in Newark

Nick’s Burger Bar in Atlantic City

The Fireplace Restaurant in Paramus

Rossi’s Bar & Grill in Chambersburg, Trenton (by the way, no relation…however my boss and a close friend swear by Rossi’s and have told me on a number of occasions that we need to do Rossi’s one night!)

Frankie’s Bar & Grill in Point Pleasant Beach

And I’ll throw in a vote for the Clinton Station Diner, which is the home of the 50 lb. Mt. Olympus burger.

Now, you tell me where you find Jersey's Best Burger! Leave your picks in the comment section below.