One mascot isn't enough for some students at Rutgers University. A portion of the school's population is calling for a mascot that would symbolize "more diversity" than the light-skinned blue eyed Scarlet Knight.

Chanitcleer, the old Rutgers University mascot. Credit: / Rutgers University

The Scarlet Knight has undergone multiple makeovers since its creation in 1955, from the original armored person on horseback, to the cartoon edition that marked the school's Big Ten debut.

However, some students say more knights are needed to reflect the different types of people attending the university. Consequently, the Rutgers University Student Assembly passed a bill calling for expanded ethnic and gender representation in the mascot costume, according to a report by The Daily Targum.

Rutgers wouldn't be the first school to do this, but is it necessary? Let us know what you think in the poll below!

1953 Chanticleer mascot from Rutgers University. Credit: / Rutgers University