You can’t look at this video and not get sick.

And it should remind you of another case right here in New Jersey where 18 year old Melissa Drexler gave birth in the bathroom during the Lacey Township High School prom on June 6, 1997, and then, after killing her baby, went out to dance.

In this case,

The mother of the Chinese baby stuck in a narrow sewer pipe won't be charged with a crime in the horrifying case.

The newborn — named Baby No. 59 after his incubator number — suffered cuts to his face and body in Saturday's mishap, but was healthy enough Wednesday to be released.

"His condition is good but his relatives have not come to pick him up yet," hospital head Wu Xinhong told AFP.

Although she won't be prosecuted, the 22-year-old mom didn’t initially admit that the baby was hers until police confronted her days after the dramatic rescue, which was caught on tape and sparked global outrage.

Police in the city of Jinhua said they interviewed the woman, who was not identified, and that she “deeply regrets what she did.”

She said she delivered the 6-pound baby in a bathroom by herself because his father refused to help her and she couldn’t afford an abortion.

A police officer in a video interview said the woman began feeling labor pains when she ran to one of the building’s shared bathrooms. At one point, she was standing over the squat toilet.

He added that the woman unsuccessfully tried to pluck the baby out with a stick, then flushed the toilet to clear out the blood.

Alarmed residents could hear the child crying through the 3-inch pipe and called police. The mom also alerted her landlord about hearing a noise in the pipe.
The mom later watched the two-hour rescue as firefighters carefully pried the pipe apart with pliers and saws.

Local reports said the woman is a high school graduate and works at a restaurant in Jinhua, in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang.

She claimed she became pregnant after a one-night stand and the father denied any responsibility.

The woman told no one, the news outlet said, although she claimed to police that she wanted to keep the child. She was able to hide her pregnancy by wearing loose-fitting clothing.

Tough stuff, and now she wants to keep the baby to boot?

I don’t know how things work in China, but:
a) not to charge her, and
b) to allow her to keep the baby
are totally out of the question.

In the words of ABC newsman John Quinones: What would you do?