High temperatures yesterday were reached in the pre-dawn hours, well before daybreak, in the low 60s.

Then the mild weather went south with a northwest wind and some rain and showers around, as temperatures settled, for the most part, in the 40s.

Today will be mostly sunny with highs around 50 or so.

Clear to partly cloudy tonight in the 30s, maybe a few NW Jersey 20s once again.

Now, Guidance is conflicting tomorrow.  One model has it overcast all day..another has it partly sunny.  I went for a split the difference kind of forecast with a mix of sun and clouds on Thursday with highs near 50 or so in the afternoon.

Passing clouds and some sunshine Friday in the low 50s.

Similar conditions for Saturday, it should be fine.

The question is, do we have the threat of another coastal storm beginning as early as Sunday afternoon or evening into early next week or not.

We're not quite sure just yet.