Scammers were not a rarity after Superstorm Sandy devastated New Jersey in late 2012. Monday, the State Attorney General’s Office announced that three more alleged Sandy gougers have agreed to cash settlements bringing the total recovery amount to over $900,000. Two hotels and a gas station were the latest to settle with the state.

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The Berkeley Hotel in Asbury Park is accused of raising rates by 117 percent above typical rates in the immediate aftermath of Sandy. The owners have agreed to pay $45,000. The owners of the Studio Inn and Suites in Galloway have agreed to pay $25,000. It was alleged the hotel raised rates by 100 percent after Sandy. C&M Exxon in East Hanover is accused of charging 26.3 cents to 34.2 cents above the pre-Sandy per gallon price. The owners have agreed to pay $26,000.

“These hotels allegedly raised their room rates by well over 100 percent of their normal prices, and this gas station increased its prices in excess of 25 percent – all at a time when a natural disaster turned the normal laws of supply and demand upside down,” said Acting Attorney General John Hoffman in a statement. “New Jersey families were in dire need of shelter and fuel, and price gouging was expressly prohibited due to a state of emergency.”

To date 21 of the 27 price gouging lawsuits filed in New Jersey have been settled.