It's a growing trend in New Jersey, an increasing number of people are making efforts to buy locally produced products whenever they have a choice.

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"Not only has the consumer become much more price conscious, but I think they've become conscious of where those products that they're buying are sourced. It's a natural off-shoot that people are focusing more on buying locally made, or products made in the United States," says New Jersey Retail Merchants Association President, John Holub.

He points out since the Great Recession consumers have become more aware of price, quality and where a product is made.

Holub adds this is good news for local merchants.

"Any focus on buying products at your local store is going to benefit Main Street, seventy percent of all economic activity revolves around consumer spending so a healthy and vibrant Main Street equates a very healthy and vibrant economy for the state as a whole."

He also stresses buying local is an advantage because instead of ordering from a catalog or online the buyer is able to touch and feel the product, ask questions, and get answers from an expert.

"Several communities are trying to be creative and innovative," he says. "And I think you're going to see a lot more of that in the months and years to come."