Not only do new airline fees keep popping up, existing fees keep rising as well.

"The fees are there, the change fees are still about $150 to $200, some fees on international flights have also gone up" said Tom Parsons, CEO of

If you're planning a trip over the holidays, you better do a little research.

"Starting in November some airlines will charge you $100 to roll your bag through if you don't pre-pay or pay before you go through security."

If you want to sit with your family or get off the plane faster, there may be a fee for that.

"Air carriers are looking for all sorts of things to charge passengers for, there are usually costs added on for soft drinks, meals, pillows, all the comforts that used to be included in your ticket aren't anymore" said Parsons.

The nickel and diming is big business. Revenue rose to $22 billion last year among 50 international airlines that disclosed their fees, a 66 percent jump in just two years.

"The $150 change fees, the $150 cancellation fees, the baggage fees, that's $6 billion that they didn't make last year" said Parsons.

He said family travel has simple become a lot more difficult these days.

"The key is to book early and you could end up with seats together, but check the fine print, some will charge you to sit in certain places, particularly near the front of the plane and if you have a big group."

Whether you book your flight online, over the phone or through a travel agency, Parsons says you have the right to know the final tally, so ask before you book.

"Research the hidden fees online, ask questions so you're not slapped with extra charges."