With safety concerns ever present after the Boston Marathon bombing, law enforcement officials say the New Jersey Marathon will go on as scheduled.


The 26.22 mile race will be run on May 5th and will go entirely throughout Monmouth County, beginning at Oceanport and ending in Ocean Grove.

Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden says his office, along with eight local police departments, have been preparing for the event which can bring out between 10,000-12,000 people.

"You have police departments involved like Long Branch, Neptune, Asbury Park…and certainly the County Sheriff, the Prosecutor's Office, Homeland Security and some state assets."

In response to the attack in Boston, Golden says law enforcement will have an additional presence at the race, with additional K-9 units as well as uniform and plain clothes officers.

"We plan for the marathon, we had meeting already in regards to EMS response, EMS task force, and security prior to the Boston incident. Will we go back to sharpen up the plans? Probably."

He notes law enforcement, EMS, and Fire Departments are always planning for worst case scenarios in any event, and while the plans are rarely seen, emergencies show the extent of their planning and training.

"I think the public needs to take some comfort in that the public safety agencies, and there's a lot of them for an event like this, are coordinating."

He notes, while luckily they haven't had to deal with a similar emergency to Boston, during the New Jersey Marathon, Golden says they deal with numerous issues throughout the race.

"On a regular basis at this marathon, we treat 200-plus patients from our EMS task-force a year, dehydration, maybe a heart attack or two, people passing out."

Ultimately Golden says they rely on the public as well.

"As you heard Governor Christie say, it's an everyday event to keep your eyes open, and if you see something suspicious or out of the ordinary, say something to the local public safety agents that will be able to help."