Tailgating will be allowed in the parking lot at MetLife Stadium for February's Super Bowl, in a modified capacity.

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In other words, don't expect to bring your deluxe grill to the festivities. In fact, don't bring any kind of grill unless you want to be turned away at the entrance.

The National Football League won't allow grills in the parking areas at the Meadowlands sports complex on game day. League spokesman Brian McCarthy said Monday that's a standard rule that's been employed at previous Super Bowls.

Published reports last week suggested tailgating might not be allowed. But McCarthy said fans can bring their own food and beverages as long as they don't bring a grill or spread out taking up empty parking spots as many fans do at New York Giants and New York Jets games.

The complex has more than 25,000 parking spots available for a typical Giants or Jets game, but more than half of those will be taken up by security and television equipment, organizers have said.

McCarthy added that only ticketholders will be allowed into the parking area, and will have to have purchased a parking permit as well.

The Super Bowl will be the first to be played at a cold weather venue in a non-domed stadium.

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