The weekend worked out as expected.

We had a soaking, heavy rain during the course of Saturday afternoon, not too much earlier.

Sunday was breezy and cloudy with some sunshine and high temperatures in the afternoon didn't do any better than 47 in Atlantic City, 43 at Trenton-Mercer County Airport.

Today's temperatures, Guidance wants to have low to middle 50s and that may be the way to go today. Certainly, lower 50s if we don't make it to 55 or so. It will be cooler near the beach and boardwalk.

Showers in the nation's heartland now will be marching eastward into Western Pennsylvania by this evening.  And probably the first part of the night, be just west of the Delaware River.  We then have the threat of some showers late tonight and for a time Tuesday.

In fact, much of the day Tuesday may feature some occasional rain or showers, but still pretty mild.

Wednesday looks a bit chillier.  There could be a period of late rain or flurries, at some point, although, it just as easily could be some rain showers.

We'll have more to say about that in future reports.