MIDDLETOWN (AP) — A frenzied feline caused quite the commotion after it was spotted clinging to a median divider on a Monmouth County highway.

Middletown police officer after rescuing a cat from a divider on Route 36 (Middletown Police)

NJ.com reports police found the frightened gray tiger-striped cat on the concrete barrier of Route 36 Saturday as cars sped by.

Middletown police stopped traffic to retrieve the animal. But the panic-stricken cat jumped into the undercarriage of the police car.

Authorities shut down several lanes of the highway for about an hour as animal control and a tow truck mechanic worked to free the cat.

Crews freed the animal, which was left unharmed.

Police say the cat didn't have a micro-chip and wasn't wearing a collar or tags. They're asking for the public's help in locating the cat's owner.

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