Funny how one little slip of the tongue could cause a commotion, in a manner of speaking.

Everybody seemed to be having a great time at last night’s Sandy benefit at Madison Square Garden 12-12-12 relief concert…including aging Stones front man Mick Jagger.

Ah, but then, he lets loose what he thought was funny, although some in the audience didn’t.

Twitter users got no satisfaction from Mick Jagger Wednesday night after the Rolling Stones front man cracked a joke about Hurricane Sandy during the 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief.

During the band’s two-song set, Jagger had many fans fuming when he seemingly compared the deadly storm to just a bit of bad weather, CBS New York reported.
“This has got to be the largest collection of old English musicians ever assembled in Madison Square Garden,” he said. “But I’ve got to say, if it rains in London, you’ve got to come and help us, OK?

Many shocked fans hit the 140-character platform to blast the British rocker’s poorly drawn comparison.

“He know it was more than rain, right?” @jimmyrooster tweeted.

“Not gonna lie when jagger said "better help us out if it ever rains in England" I got a little angry,” @mcavs wrote.

“did jagger just say if it rains in london we have to help them? we bailed them out in WW2. REMEMBER? You're welcome,” @naflotteron added.

I guess if you live down the Shore, Staten Island, or the Rockaways…the rain comment had to go over like the proverbial “fart in church”!

And Twitter users in the audience, as you can see, let their displeasure known.

I look at it as just the incoherent ramblings of an aging musician who’s taken a few too many decibels to the head.

But you?

Were Mick Jagger’s comments comparing Sandy to a London rainstorm out of line?