Marketing to children through the media has become a lot more complicated these days.Those who would sell toys or food or gadgets used to use well-placed ads on Saturday morning television to make their point to the child market. But now we have computers, smart phones, interactive and social media, and a lot of subtle but sweeping changes in the way marketers go at children.

Rutgers-Camden marketing expert Dr. Carol Kaufman-Scarborough says children have more choices, but she cautions as the media expands and appeals to a diversity of age groups, she says she would not be surprised if there are not attempts to not only understand the impact on children, but also regulate that impact to some degree. And there are some fears that parents in many cases may not be aware of some of these new avenues of marketing to their kids.

One study has found that children influence 1.2 trillion dollars in overall family spending. That is a big target to score a bulls eye with.