Police have apprehended a suspect believed to be involved in a recent carjacking spree in Camden County.

George Meyers, 43, was arrested Wednesday morning in Lindenwold just after two botched carjackings, Camden County Prosecutor's Office said. The suspect is also believed to be involved in two carjackings that occurred earlier this week.

Carjacking suspect sought in NJ, Photo courtesy of Camden County Prosecutors Office.

Meyers is charged with two counts of kidnapping and four counts of carjacking and more charges are expected.

The first carjacking occurred Nov. 14 around 8:40 a.m. on West Branch Avenue and Blackwood Road in Pine Hill.

Armed with a box-cutter, the suspect approached the elderly driver who was stopped at a traffic light, according to the  Camden County Prosecutor’s Office.

The suspect then entered the vehicle, ordering the victim to take him to North Camden so he could buy heroin. The suspect left with the victim’s cell phone and $400.

The second carjacking incident occurred ten days later on Nov. 24 in Clementon on Gibbsboro and Blackwood roads around 7 a.m.

Armed with a large knife, the suspect approached an older driver while stopped at a traffic light, entered the vehicle, ordering the victim to drive to 8th and Erie streets in Camden where he left the vehicle, taking $100 from the victim, the prosecutor’s office said.

On Wednesday morning around 9:30 a.m. Meyers is accused of approaching a female driver at a Wawa in Lindenwold and entering her car, armed with a knife.  The woman screamed, fled the vehicle causing Meyers to flee as well.

Meyers then allegedly tried to enter another vehicle on Laurel Avenue and Blackwood Clementon Road, still armed with a knife but the female driver struggled with him and he fled.

Meyers is currently being held at the Camden County Jail.