Long Branch's mayor Adam Schneider said he is embarrassed by the behavior of several police officers on the overnight shift that were recently suspended due to their actions.

After an anonymous letter was sent accusing the officers of doing things aside from their regular duties during their shift, an internal investigation was launched. The investigation concluded they "failed to patrol their zones adequately," according to NJ Advance Media. Five officers and three supervisors are serving suspensions of 10-45 days without pay. The township would not release the names of the officers.

"We found (officers) were sitting in their patrol cars longer than they were supposed to. They should have been driving around their zones, and we found them in violation of our rules and regulations," Public Safety Director Jason Roebuck told the Asbury Park Press.

"It's an embarrassment for the town. I know virtually all of them, and all of them know better. They were taking advantage of being on the midnight shift, and they were derelict in their operations." Schneider told NJ Advance Media

The letter accused the officers of working another job during the shift, sleeping and driving a limo. Roebuck said the investigation disproved most of the allegations. He would not disclose what they were doing except to say that they pushed the limit of what was.

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