The suspect in the murder of a Hamilton mother told a judge that he and the victim had "gotten high" together.

Jack Furlong, attorney for suspect Tyron D. Lindsay, told a judge at a bail hearing today that his client and Jessica Prusik-Martinez, the woman Lindsay is accused of murdering, "hung out socially in a dysfunctional capacity." Prusik's DNA was found on Lindsay, The Trentonian reports.

Prosecutors said that Lindsay had several personal items in the black pickup truck he was driving, according to the Trentonian. The article states that the truck was on loan to Prusik while she had maintenance work done on her own car. Lindsay also tried to use Prusik's bank cards in the hours after her body was found in Hamilton's Roebling Park, authorities say.

Mercer County prosecutors said Lindsay is a flight risk and asked for his bail not to be reduced from $1 million, according to the newspaper. The Trentonian story also reports that Lindsay cooperated with police after his mother's Hamilton home was searched. Furlong said law enforcement refused his client's offer to surrender and instead arrested him at his work. The judge ultimately reduced his bail to $750,000.

Lindsay was charged with first degree murder for the death of Prusik, a mother of three who was married with two children and five stepchildren.