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1) Dozens of artists will be congregating in South Jersey for the Atlantic City Tattoo Expo this weekend. How many tattoos do you have – who are Jersey’s best tattoo artists?

2) Poll: Will Governor Christie’s “no BS” demeanor help or hurt him if he runs for President?

3) Terminally ill 'death with dignity' advocate dies – would you support a “Death with Dignity” law here in NJ.

4) Frivolous lawsuit? A Weehawken woman is suing a Manhattan fitness club for $1M, claims exercise band snapped and blinded her – Have you ever been injured while working out?

5) Ray’s Heroes of the Day - State Police trooper and off-duty nurse save life of Woodstown man.

6) What celebrity would you like to see enter politics? Angelina Jolie mulls over giving up acting career for politics: 'I honestly don't know in what role I would be more useful.

7) Do you fight your kids’ battles? A guy from Wayne was arrested over Halloween candy fight

8) Would you favor a gas tax hike now that gas prices are low? (Take poll below.)

9) Now that Christmas shopping season is here, we’ll hear more stories of fights over parking spaces. Ever gotten into one? One Woman Stabbed to Death in Front Of Children in Dispute Over Parking Space.

10) Can you live without your Smart Phone? Is it a luxury or a necessity in NJ? And where are some of the places you’ve seen people using smartphones where they shouldn’t?

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