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Do you buy the results of the investigation exonerating Governor Christie from having anything to do with Bridgegate? The Probe Blames David Wildstein and Bridget Ann Kelly.

Do you think the governor can still make a good president even after all the ‘Bridgegate’ drama?

The custodial supervisor whose cigarette lit inferno at the James Monroe Elementary School is suspended with pay and charged with a disorderly persons offense. Does he need to suffer any other consequences?

Do you support or oppose on-line gambling?
NJ's Online Gambling Could Be in Jeopardy – Should You Still Be Able to Gamble Online Legally? [POLL]

Wu-Tang Clan to Release ONE Copy of New Album ‘Once Upon a Time in Shaolin’ – Best Hip-Hop Album of All Time?

Which red light camera intersections are the worst in New Jersey? Red light camera in Linden renews contract for 5 more years!

Where’s the nastiest rest room in New Jersey? Paterson McDonald's Locks Bathroom to Keep Out Undesirables –[POLL]

Should the 9/11 Museum at the World Trade Center Charge $24 Admission Fee? [POLL]

Do You Feel That College Athletes Should Be Able to Unionize – A Federal Agency Says They Can [POLL]

Where in Jersey Did You Get Married? – Snooki Chooses Wedding Hall in Garfield – Oh, and by the way, do you go DJ or Wedding Band?

Survey says fewer drivers are texting behind the wheel – how often do you see people texting while driving?

Which are the most annoying telemarketing calls; and when do you generally get them?

Rossi Posse iPod Shuffle for Sarcasm Comedy Clu Tickets.

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