Are you finished with your holiday shopping, or most of it? If so, you'd be in the minority, according to a new survey from

The poll found a majority of Americans (55%) still have half of their 2012 holiday shopping left to complete. Nearly 15% indicated they haven't started shopping at all.

Simon Stanmore, Getty Images

Many of the procrastinators said they are waiting to make their big holiday purchases in anticipation of last-minute deals.

"I think those last-minute deal seekers might be a little bit disappointed this year," said Trae Bodge, Senior Editor of the Insider Magazine. "Manufacturers have become a lot more savvy about managing their inventory, so they're not trying to off-load a lot right now."

Bodge noted the 40-50% savings have come and gone with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but shoppers can still find savings that range from 20-35%.

According to the poll, the hardest person to shop for is a significant other.

"I think it becomes more difficult as the years go by," said Bodge. "If you're in a ten-plus year marriage, how do you surprise your spouse again?"

Bodge pointed to gift cards as purchases that rarely disappoint.

She advised online shoppers to act now before it's too late. Waiting until later this week could result in gifts arriving after the holidays or hefty prices to rush an order.

A majority of holiday shoppers plan to spend $100 or more on shipping costs, the poll indicated.

According to the National Retail Federation, overall consumer spending during the holiday shopping season is up this year. Online sales hit record amounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.