Kirk Cameron - hate monger?

Pinhead sitcom star from back in the day, perhaps; but hate monger?


It’s a little hard to take anything he has to say seriously. However, his proposed visit to the normally-tolerant community of Ocean Grove is being met with a loud outcry!

In March, Cameron, an evangelical Christian, told Piers Morgan on his CNN TV show that he believes homosexuality is “unnatural” and “destructive to many of the foundations of civilization.”

An Ocean Grove-based human rights organization now wants the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association to disinvite Cameron from two speaking engagements at the Great Auditorium this July.

If Ocean Grove is truly “tolerant,” the community would be hypocritical by not allowing him to speak on whatever he truly believes.

You may think him a pinhead for his beliefs, but that’s his right… like it or not!

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