Is there ever any age when you can leave kids alone in a car while you leave to do some shopping?
Before you say “never,” think of the age of the child in question.

It’s never ok to leave a 2 year old unattended in a car – sweltering or not!

Let me repeat that so you don’t misunderstand me – NEVER OK TO LEAVE A 2 YEAR OLD IN A CAR UNATTENDED.
However, you might let them once they get older.

Question is: what’s the age?

9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 23?

Here’s my problem. Living as we do in a society where children are abducted all the time, I would probably feel no child is safe left unattended.

But at some point you do have to trust them.

In the story cited: you don’t trust a 2 year old. In fact, you don't trust the mother leaving a 2 year old in a car unattended.

This woman is 'pazz!' Why not just take the 2 year old with her into the doctor's office? Or leave the kid home with a sitter if you know you have a doctor's appointment.

This is why some people should never have kids.

Now if the kid were 15, I might not have a problem. If the kid were 13, depending on his or her level of maturity, I still may not have a problem – but would bring the kid into the store with me, just to be on the safe side.

Weird because I remember a time when my mother and I would travel into the city, and if I didn't want to go shopping with her, I'd ask her for carfare to go home, which she would give me - and happily take the train.

That ship, unfortunately, has sailed.

At what age would you allow your kid to be left unattended in a car?