Excited for your next vacation? AAA is offering tips on what travelers can do to keep their funds safe when traveling abroad.

Credit Jupiterimages, ThinkStock

AAA reports that a lack of protection can cost travelers' vacation funds, thus potentially ruining the trip of a lifetime. They said passengers should carry all travel documents in a radio frequency identification technology (RFID) blocking wallet, case or handbag to avoid problems.

Hackers are always on the prowl, and can scan and steal belongings without even touching the victim. Although RFID was originally manufactured to benefit consumers, the technology allows thieves to use the device to track credit cards and identification by simply being in close proximity to a tourist. By carrying your personal documents in the RFID case, this will prevent thieves from scanning your belongings.

"It is unfortunate when a wonderful trip that someone has spent years saving for and months planning is severely impacted in an instant with a financial emergency," said Tracy Noble, a spokesperson for AAA Mid-Atlantic. "To minimize risk of theft or loss, take only the cards you need and protect all your assets with a RFID blocking case."

Tourists should also carry a "mixed wallet," which diversifies exposure and gives tourists multiple ways to access funds so they are not left stranded when they are away from home. Noble said the wallet should consist of a credit card, debit card, local currency and a pre-loaded money card.

AAA said that travelers should never pack money, or cards, in checked luggage and to keep personal identification numbers out of your wallet. Make copies of all cards so you can quickly report them if something were to go missing; leave a copy with your emergency contact at home as well.

"A well thought out back-up plan can keep your family stress free while on vacation," Nobel said.