Leadoff spot…Schiano Skadoo…glad to see him go?

Ethical questions: Should the Governor pardon the MS patient sentenced to 5 years for growing 17 pot plants?

Also…Is it realistic to have a “bully free” town in NJ? Ridgefield is looking to be the first.

Out of state lawmakers are debating a bill that would let a business refuse service to any couple, for any reason. Like if you’re……ohhh, gay? Think it’s fair?
And in Tennessee, there’s something called the 'Don't Say Gay' Bill that would prohibit teachers from discussing homosexuality in the classroom before the ninth grade.

Would you be offended or alarmed if an airline gave out prayer cards in the meal trays. (I’d be scared shitless! Doesn’t say much for the pilots!)
Alaska Airlines prayer cards will be discontinued on Feb. 1, 2012.

Animal Stories: Firefighters in Irvington save a dog from a house fire and resuscitate it. Would you do the same for a family pet?

Posse Potpourri:
Pretty soon everyone will have to use the Timeline feature on Facebook. Is this enough to make you want to close out your account?

Whitney Houston, according to one website, is broke. Her spokesperson says it’s not true. Is there any celebrity on the “balls of their ass” you’d like to see make a comeback?. (Demi Moore doing “whip-its”)

Some school districts are giving classes in Mandarin Chinese to give their students a leg up to compete in the global economy…even going so far as to teach them Chinese culture! Good thing….or bad?

Plus Classic Guido Tuneage at 2!