Here's something that could ultimately have an affect on your electric bill and your wallet. Jersey Central Power and Light has to justify its earnings and address performance dating back almost seven years.

It all started when the State Division of Rate Counsel took issue with the accountability and infrastructure of the company. They filed a petition to seek more information to justify the costs people are paying. They accused the company of charging an exorbitant amount of money and not using it to make improvements. The company vehemently denies that.

JCP&L Spokesman Ron Morano defends the companies rates calling them "the lowest electric supplier in the state."

He says, "These accusations are false and people need to realize we have spent billions of dollars on upgrades since 2001 that will make the company stronger and provide excellent service to our customers."

Morano says at present, "We are currently reviewing the order and we are confident that we can justify our current rates."

Some of the upgrades have been in light of Hurricane Irene last August which left thousands in the dark for days and an October snow storm last year that caused problems for many with downed trees and wires.

Regardless, Morano tells Townsquare Media News that they will comply with what the state wants and will provide all necessary documentation in the coming months.

The company has until November 1st to get the information to the Board of Public Utilities.